Standard Refund Terms

This Policy is provided in the English language. To the extent any translation is provided to you, it is provided for convenience purposes only, and in the event of any conflict between the English and translated version, the English version will control and prevail.

Refund Policy for Advance (Partial) Payments

Chahar Technologies only collects advance payment of 50% of the total value for any service that is rendered on after booking the domain, hosting & showing the basic design to customers and such advances are non-refundable.

Exception for Advance (Partial) Payments

The 50% deposit of advance paid is only refundable, if we have not booked the domain, hosted & put the basic design, within 72 hours of order being placed.

Refund Policy for Second (Full) Payment

Chahar Technologies only collects rest (balance) 50% of the second payment post successful completion of work and such payments are non-refundable.

SEO Refund Policy

Chahar Technologies will not be liable for a refund or guarantee of top search ranking under the following circumstances:

In case of effect on SEO ranking due to changes in ranking algorithm, policies, or functionality of search engines.
Link building, a part of SEO, is carried out based on the information you provide us. In case the URLs given by you are incorrect, we will not be responsible for any subsequent errors and there will not be any refunds or money-back guarantee.
Chahar Technologies will not be responsible for SEO results if the client engages with any other third-party SEO services.
The number of times and rank of a website appears on the search list varies and thus an immediate change in the search ranking cannot be guaranteed.

Any adverse effect on ranking due to changes in website content by the client or third-party service provider hired by them.
We make no guarantee that our SEO services will show the client’s website in the top ten search rank. However, understand that we work in your best interest and put in our best effort to provide genuinely profitable results. Our aim is to make your life simpler and your business more lucrative.

Note* :- Chahar Technologies reserves the right to change the above refund and cancellation policy at any given point without any prior notice.

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